CHP Programs

Second Step

Evidence-Based Social-Emotional Learning Program being used state-wide to lessen the effects of high risk factors in youth and develop emotion management, situational awareness, and academic achievement. Second Step is successfully integrated into Auburn Head Start, Little Learners Preschool, Trinity Lutheran Preschool, Bulldog Beginnings Preschool, Calvert Elementary, Sixpence (birth-3), and Auburn Middle School.  Learn more on the Second Step website.

Ink About It

Art therapy coloring books that provide prompts throughout to help youth with trauma history or any other issues in life they may be facing. Provided to the CASA program to support foster youth. For more information contact CHP, learn more on the Second Step website or contact:
Debbie Green
CASA Coordinator
(402) 713-5405

Check out this student-made video expressing the benefits of Ink About It:

Chill and Spill

A therapeutic guided journal being implemented in First United Methodist Church of Auburn Youth Group, designed to help youth (ages 10+) articulate and transform difficult issues they are dealing with. It offers a combination of 20 creative writing and artistic expression activities with enough blank pages to explore both head and heart and to talk, yell, cry, boast, dream, and evolve.

For more information contact CHP or learn more on the Second Step website.


A comprehensive education program taught to Auburn 5th graders and Johnson-Brock 4th and 5th graders addressing drugs, violence, bullying, internet safety, and other high risk circumstances that today are too often a part of students’ lives. Instructed by Nemaha County Sheriff’s Dept. Deputy Casey Moyer. For more information contact CHP or view the D.A.R.E. website here.

Safe Dates

CHP has collaborated with Project Response Domestic Abuse and Sexual Assault Prevention Agency to implement this Evidence Based Curricula that teaches youth about Safe Dating practices and how to recognize and respond to Dating Violence. Visit the link to review the Safe Dates program.

For more information contact CHP or
Ashley Robertson
Executive Director of Project Response
(402) 873-3835


BIONICS (Believe It Or Not I Care) is a club to help support students and staff during challenging times in a hope to prevent them from “falling through the cracks”. BIONIC teams hope lessen the risk of depression and suicide by creating a positive school environment by intentional, coordinated acts of kindness and outreach within Auburn Middle School.  

For more information contact CHP or:
Michaela Yearly
Guidance Counselor, Auburn Middle School
(402) 274-4220 ext. 311

Future projects include potential media campaigns in cooperation with CHP.

Life of an Athlete

Auburn MS and HS based “peer to peer” program that partners with local mental health and community agencies. Students are trained to be active listeners so they may help and respond to peers who are struggling with emotional issues such as depression and suicide.

For more information contact CHP or:

Michaela Yearly
Guidance Counselor, Auburn Middle School
(402) 274-4220 ext. 311

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